Conclusion Paragraph: Why is it Important to Write it Well?

September 30, 2021

Reading and studying earlier the topic of the principle of building an essay, every writer knows that it consists of three main parts, into which we divide it and must adhere to. They are the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Remember that consistent essay writing is important for the reader’s perception of the information presented in it. We cannot put the conclusions we made at the end of our work at the beginning of the essay since the subsequent reading will lose all meaning. Therefore, the conclusion paragraph always remains at the end. You can read which are the best words to use in an essay, and also here on Study Essay we will tell you here what is the role and how to write the conclusion paragraph. Let’s get started)

What is The Conclusion Part?

This part of an essay will form that aftertaste that will remain with the reader after completing the reading of the entire work. The conclusions will demonstrate to our readers that we have completed our creative and research part of the work and are ready to share the summary results with them. It is this paragraph that shows that you have proven your thesis. A sense of completeness is what you give your reader right here. Keep your last paragraph specific at the beginning and end, show some background, and bring positive emotions for the reader. This will allow you to leave the already created trust between you.

Planning the Writing of a Conclusion Paragraph

Preparing and planning for writing the final paragraph is just as important as preparing for writing an essay in general. When outlining an essay at the beginning, you are just making a general description of what to talk about. Scheduling the writing of the last paragraph is equally important. And so, what steps do the writers of StudyEssay do themselves and what we can recommend you to follow up when creating it:

  1. Finding out the purpose of the final paragraph of the current essay. Knowing the goal, we should include the following points in the final paragraph:
    1. Generalizing things about what was described in the entire work. At the same time, do not repeat the main thesis word for word; rephrase it without losing the main meaning. This way, the reader will remember it better. For example, suppose your essay includes a statement that sports are beneficial in the final paragraph. In that case, you can mention it in the form: “When buying a subscription, we may be skeptical about this action, but after a while, after seeing the results, we were convinced of the correctness of the action.”
    2. Tell the reader that the topic you are researching is actually important and not just for you. For example, we can tell that we will have new research on this topic in the future, and they are no less important. 
    3. Suggest ideas for the future that the reader can learn for himself, or indicate information that soon you will show new information for him in your following essay. If you want to create intrigue, this is the best chance. 
    4. Your thesis should leave the reader with a sense of completeness. As if he went through the journey with you, and both of you completed it.
  2. Do not present the reader with new evidence that he has not heard about before in your essay. You can mention that new research and evidence exists (as we said above) but do not fully disclose it as this may rob the reader of a sense of completeness. Keep the intrigue but no more. Don’t add an idea that will be new to the reader.
  3. Be sure to reread all the essays you have already written before writing the conclusion paragraph. After doing long work, you can be tired, thoughts can get confused and you can miss some of them. To write the correct last paragraphs, you need to clearly remember what you talked about and what you didn’t.

Understanding this simple and seemingly obvious plan guarantees us to create a correct and informative conclusion.

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4 Steps in Writing a Rough Draft

When starting to create a draft, follow these points: 

  1. Start with the words: “Summing up …”. The phrase is rather commonplace, but it can help you write this draft yourself without paying much attention to the general format of the essay. You can replace this phrase with another after or completely remove it from the text. It is not necessary since readers are waiting for conclusions at the end of the essay 
  2. The first sentence should be a smooth transition between the main paragraphs and the final one, and this sentence should serve to tie them together.
  3. Express your thoughts in a freeway with several sentences and describe the general theme presented in the essay. Do not worry; after completing the essay, these thoughts themselves will come to mind since they will be practically obvious.
  4. Also, try one of the following steps: Use a famous quote that almost any reader can recognize, pose a rhetorical question that provokes reasoning or action, or use the main thesis of your essay to end the conclusions, explaining its essence in short.

Checking as a Mandatory Part of Each Part of the Essay

The checking here is usually the same as for all paragraphs of an essay and consists of several steps, after completing which you will become confident that your essay is finally ready:

  1. If the phrase “Summing up” is still at the beginning of your paragraph, delete it and write the very first sentence considering how the first paragraph ended, creating a transition. 
  2. Having already familiarized yourself with the techniques that can be used to attract the attention of the reader, remove all unnecessary ones and leave one the strongest. 
  3. Make it a priority to create the most understandable and clear paragraph that would convey the sum of the conclusions to the reader. Make sure your thoughts are not too confusing. 
  4. Make sure there are no new ideas in the last paragraph. 
  5. Write the last sentence of the paragraph so that the reader has a sense of completeness after reading the essay.
  6. It sounds longer and more complicated than it seems, but, having written many essays, can tell you with confidence that it is realistic to do.

Three General Tips to Make Writing Conclusions Easier

Let’s imagine that the first paragraph is already done. Write the same thoughts and statements but with similar wording. Short things will make the process of writing a paragraph easier and to keep in mind:

  • If you started the first paragraph with a statement like this, you could use it as a guide. For example: “There are three kinds of dances that everyone should learn to dance.” So, in the end, you can rephrase: “Tango, salsa, and samba are three dances that I recommend everyone to learn to dance.”
  • When you have a lot of text, you cannot remember everything you talked about. In this case, start to read again everything that was said above. For example, every paragraph will most likely be about one of them if you are writing about insect species. Thus, mention each species briefly at the end of the essay. “Amazing creatures are the praying mantis, bee, and butterfly.”
  • Always give your reader a chance to reflect on their own. An essay, filled only with facts, is a boring essay. Follow the statement, give it a reason and a desire to learn more, for example, with the sentence: “We have something to think about when it comes to the problem of environmental pollution”. Or you can make a suggestion, prompting the reader to take action, for example: “To make a pie is easy, as you have already seen. Just buy the ingredients and check it out! “.

How to Make the Essay Writing Process Easier?

We have learned many tips on how to write your essay easier, faster, and flawlessly. If you have already been in the process of searching for information on how to make an essay attractive to the reader, most likely you have an understanding of its structure, principles of writing, and the level of complexity of this type of written work. 

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Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown

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