Frequently Asked Questions About Our Writing Services

Check out the answers concerning your questions here! is where our team of professionals can always help you. The writing service has been creating term papers, theses, essays, study cases, homework, and other student works for many years. During this time, writers have created thousands of documents for students from all over the world.

Our main advantage is reliability. We keep track of the deadlines and never let the student down, even if the deadline is very short. Many years of experience of writers allows them to write in a quality, unique and competent manner. Regardless of the type of article - essay, dissertation, research article, journal article, etc., you always get a customized paper created according to your requirements.

Each custom-made paper is created by an expert, verified by the company, thanks to which we are confident in the text's quality. If necessary, the editor will eliminate errors in the text for free, make corrections and consult before delivering the project. If you still have doubts about our service and do not understand how it works, we recommend that you read the answers to frequently asked questions about the company, prices, warranties, and support.

General Company Information

Can you guarantee a good grade?

We guarantee that the paper written by our author is original, error-free, and of high quality. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a good grade because you will defend the project. Your assessment depends on how you prepare the paper for protection. We strongly recommend that you read the text before you perform in front of the teacher. Do not hand over the paper thoughtlessly, without reading a word. Note that if you see that other companies guarantee a good grade, this is a hoax. No writing service can provide you with an A +, as writers are not responsible for your protection.

How can I use the services of the company?

Treat our company as a personal study guide. We will help you create the best academic paper. If necessary, we will provide a sample. We can also advise you on project protection: what to read, where is the main idea, how to successfully defend the work, which sources to refer to. Also, we recommend that you talk to the teacher and understand what he expects of you. We, in turn, will select all the necessary tools to create a quality paper. Authors share their knowledge so that you can develop your writing skills in the future.

Can you find a writer for all academic subjects?

Of course! We are proud to have some of the best writers in the United States who are well versed in all academic subjects. No matter your academic level or the paper's complexity, we will find the best expert since our team includes teachers, scientists with Doctoral and Master's degrees, Olympiad winners, and journalists. Astronomy? Mathematics? Chemistry? Biology? Quantum physics? There are no boundaries for us, and we are ready to help with the most challenging subjects. Within 24 hours from placing the order, we will begin to search for the desired author. If the paper is needed urgently, we will put the author on quickly.

Can authors handle EViews, STATA, MATLAB, SPSS?

Yes, our team has experts who are well versed in EViews, STATA, MATLAB, SPSS, RR, Aspen Plus. Also, the authors will be able to give you explanations for each project if you do not sort out the task.

Can you help with editing and proofreading?

Yes, the company has additional services related to editing and proofreading. The editor team will find all errors and fix them. Also, writers will help improve the structure, the consistency of the presentation of thoughts, remove repetitions and help with the work design.

Writer Information

Where will my writer come from?

Our company is hiring the best writers, who are native English speakers. The team also includes people from France, Italy, China, and other countries. If you want to know the author's exact location, you can request this information from him in the chat located in your account.

Do you guarantee that all authors have passed an evaluation?

Before hiring, all our authors are tested. We guarantee that they are well-versed in academic paper's design standards, have a good understanding of their field of science, and have experience in providing written services. Also, our company controls the authors' work, and they receive a reward for their job only if the client is satisfied.

How do you calculate the rating of the writers?

We have created a rating system to see how authors are doing their job and to help students choose the best writer based on their score. We calculate the client's rating based on the reviews and based on the votes of all clients who collaborated with the author. You can also see how many papers the author wrote.

Writers' awards: what does it mean?

With the help of the rating system, we see how well the author wrote the papers, and if his rating is very high, we award him with a prize. If the author has received an award, you will see it in his information.

Writer's warning: what does it mean?

Our company closely monitors how writers work. If the company detects complaints about plagiarism in the texts, non-compliance with the deadline, inadequate communication with the client, and gross errors, we will warn the author about this. If the author does not take the warning into account, we will stop working with him.

Ordering Information

How do I fill out the order form?

On the main page, you can find the order form. In this form, you need to indicate your data so that we could contact you. Then fill in all the fields so the authors can see what to help you with. For example, such data as the number of pages, discipline, deadlines, work topic, etc. You can also add additional documents with requirements or a list of references.

What format do you write the paper in?

When placing an order, you can choose the paper format that you need. For example, authors often work with MLA, ASA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Authors will format headings, title page, links, graphs, tables by the styles.

Can I place orders for free?

Of course! We do not charge you for placing an order. Moreover, the order form does not force you to do anything. You can also evaluate a writer's skills by asking him to create a small piece of work. If you are sure of the author, you transfer the money to the balance, and the author starts writing. However, the author will receive money for the work, provided that you have no comments.

Are you responsible for order fulfillment?

Yes, the company is responsible for the quality of work, meeting deadlines, paperwork. Note, however, that we do not write articles on controversial topics, for example, about abortion, gays. These topics are too controversial, and we will have to refuse the order.

Can you do online tests?

Unfortunately, we have to refuse you to perform online tests. Educational institutions will give you access to these tests. Therefore, you will have to provide us with the password and login from the website with the tests. This contradicts our policy. This will jeopardize our safety and damage your reputation in the educational institution.

Prices, Discounts, Payment For Services

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for the order in two ways. For example, upload money to the balance in your personal account and then make a payment. Or you can immediately pay for the paper directly from the order page. We accept payment by credit cards Visa, MasterCard, and using ApplePay, CardPay online wallets. All payments made through these systems are secure.

Do you give a money-back guarantee?

You decide when to pay the author for the work. We recommend not to rush with these. Read the paper carefully, evaluate its quality, check for plagiarism. If you have any comments, write about this author, and he will fix the errors. If you pay for the work, we will not be able to refund your money. To learn more about our return policy, visit the Money Back Guarantee page.

Do you give discounts?

Our company has a reasonable pricing policy. We have set affordable rates for clients. We highly appreciate the work of the authors, and we need to pay for their work fairly. There are no discounts in our company. However, you can agree with the author yourself reduce the cost of the document.

Can I get the money back from the balance to my account?

Suppose, to pay for the order, and you write off a certain amount from the account. Therefore, the same amount will be credited to your balance. If you want to return the money from the balance to your account, the company will automatically cancel all orders. Also, the refund amount cannot exceed the amount that you have on your balance sheet. To request a refund, please contact support.

Can I make changes to the order?

If you want to increase the number of pages, you will need to pay extra for this. If you wish to shorten the lead time, there will be an additional charge for this. To change the details of the order, you should contact the support service. The consultant will make any changes to your project and inform you about the amount that needs to be paid.

Security & Privacy

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my data? guarantees to all customers that it protects data from third parties. We do not share information about you and your payments to the author. We recommend that you do not share personal information with the author. In turn, we guarantee that the data you entered when placing an order is securely classified. Maintain business communication with the author and do not violate the Privacy Policy.

Do you resell my papers to other students?

Not! All copyrights belong to you. Authors write the paper from scratch and do not post documents on other websites. We guarantee that neither your classmates nor teachers will know that you have worked with us. If you are providing formatting requirements from an educational institution, we recommend that you do not give the full name educational institution to the author.

If I delete my account, will you not keep my data?

If you wish to delete your account, the company will not keep any information about you. However, we note that you will no longer have access to the account, and you will not be able to restore it. The support service also does not restore deleted accounts. If you forgot your password, you could change it, but you will have to create a new account to use our services when you delete your account.

Do you have access to my account?

No, only you know the login and password of the account. You control the movement of money on the balance sheet, and we do not monitor this. Also, we do not read your correspondence with the author, so you remain completely anonymous.

Do you securely encrypt payments?

We guarantee that cybercriminals will not be able to access your payments. We use reliable payment services. Also, for payment, you do not indicate for which services you pay.

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