Writing a Good Essay Conclusion: Definition and Useful Tips

October 27, 2021

A conclusion is a necessary part of every essay. Many students find it the most difficult part of the writing process. The conclusion can be defined as the last section of your paper. It summarizes a thesis statement as well as your arguments. It intends to explain to your readers the reasons your paper should bother them. A conclusion part can be compared to the end of any great speech that leaves the audience feeling something. In this article, we will explain how to leave a good impression on your essay with the help of a powerful conclusion.

Importance of Writing Strong Conclusion

Unlike the essay introduction, your conclusion is the last possibility to convince your readers why your essay matters. Simply speaking, you need to respond to the issue “So what?” in the heads of your audience.

  • Give your audience something to think about after they end to read your essay.
  • A conclusion intends to provide completeness to your essay. It will be a good idea to end your essay on a positive note.
  • A conclusion is not about adding new ideas but summing up your essay.

Keep in memory these key facets:

  • An effective conclusion should restate, not rewrite your thesis statement from the introductory part.
  • Your conclusion should consist of a minimum of three sentences.
  • A conclusion aims to conclude thoughts but not present new ideas.

Outline of your Conclusion Part

We have already indicated that it will be correct to make your conclusion of a minimum of three sentences. Still, the overall number of sentences will depend on the number of statements you possess. Below is an approximate outline of the conclusion part.

  1. A conclusion starter. This sentence aims to support the thesis statement of your essay. Therefore, begin writing your conclusion by rephrasing your thesis statement.
  2. A conclusion of the basic parts of your paper. Here you can include 2-3 sentences in order to conclude the arguments of a paper. Define how they fit each other.
  3. A concluding sentence. It plays a role as the final sentence of your paper. It aims to connect your audience to the introductory part.

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Helpful Strategies to Utilize for Writing your Conclusion

There are writing strategies behind every successful essay. Below are powerful strategies to utilize during composing a conclusion of your essay.

  • Echo. Paraphrase the introductory part of your essay in order to reach out to readers. Ending your paper with this scenario can assist in proving your point and make an understanding better.
  • Prediction. Attempt to look into the futurity for highlighting the significance of a paper and provide the audience something to think about. Use such words as “when” and “if”. They will help to maintain your points for the conclusion of a paper.
  • Step-up. You can strengthen the basic point of your paper or present it from a different point of view. This strategy can assist in taking a fresh look at the theme and combine ideas together to form a new and related meaning.

Avoid Pitfalls If You Do Not Want to Fail

We have sorted out structure and strategies to write an effective conclusion. But before you can name yourself a guru of conclusion writing, be prepared not to fall for the next pitfalls.

  • Do not include any new information. The conclusion refers to summarizing your thesis as well as arguments.
  • Do not include personal thoughts if you do not write a first-person opinion paper.
  • Do not restate everything in the details. Body paragraphs of your essay exist for this.
  • Do not just restate your thesis. Provide something further but not new.
  • Utilize concise language in your conclusion.

Several Final Words

Every essay needs a powerful conclusion to highlight the main points and help your readers to understand why your essay matters. The writing process is complicated enough, but if you know a clear structure together with some writing strategies, you have sufficient space to work. Also, you can ask expert writers for help or even buy an original essay if your deadline is soon.

Remember that you should respond to the main “So what? Question of your readers. Impress your audience by enabling them to think after they read your essay.

Now we hope you understand how to compose a conclusion for a paper. Remember that a conclusion is necessary so do not shun writing it properly and attentively.

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