Reflective Essay: How to Write an Essay and Get a High Mark?

May 30, 2020

A reflective essay is one of the most personal pieces of academic writing. At the same time, it is not a simple paper since it requires personal reflection. Moreover, this type of essay differs from other types of papers since it requires sharing your personal experience. In fact, most of the internship students must perform a reflective essay in order to provide a final message about the gained experience.

When you want to find out how to perform a great reflective essay, make sure to check the writing guides and requirements in advance. This essay paper requires a properly chosen topic that concerns your personal experience. writers have prepared the following tips and guide on how to write a reflective essay to submit a perfect paper eventually. This guide will help you to deliver unique, interesting, and flawless content.

What is a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is an exceptional piece of writing that requires sharing your personal experience. With this paper, you can analyze certain events from the life and evaluate their influence on your personal development. In fact, once checking life situations and the way they have changed your life, you bring a critical piece of writing where reveals personal opinions and feelings. Most writers name a reflective paper a personal opinion since every writer can share personal thoughts and ideas.

Many creative writers can perform a reflective essay is a form of play, movie, or other artwork. Surely, creative writing students prefer such forms of essays. For students who want to know how write reflective essay, it is important to remember that this essay does not require any research work. It mostly based on personal experience disclosure and reflection.

A reflective essay covers topics related to the author’s personal experience and gained skills and knowledge. Moreover, it is possible to focus on strengths and weaknesses when writing a paper. You must show your reader that you have grown morally with all the events and situations experienced. Make sure to define what is a reflective essay before starting your paper since this is an essay about your experience. Thus, you must reflect on yourself when completing an assignment. Be ready to reveal different personal memories and emotions to make a writing piece fascinating.

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What to Write About?

A reflective essay always requires proper topic and must be written according to the tutor’s requirements and guides. Moreover, when choosing a topic for a reflective paper, it is preferable to focus on the following common subjects:

  • personal life experience;
  • imagined experience;
  • special place or object;
  • watched, read, or heard experience.

Therefore, you can write your essay once telling about something you have read, heard, watched, smelled, tasted, or felt. In fact, there is a huge list of topics for a good reflective essay. Many writers prefer selecting a topic related to their real personal experience.

When preparing content for an essay, you need to remember that this type of paper is very personal and aimed at luring readers’ attention with intriguing reflective essay ideas. It is important to remember that this essay requires great writing talents and an ability to reflect on your experience. You should show how your experience has changed your life goals and personal behavior in your paper.

A properly written paper always remains an original and flawless piece of writing. Moreover, when you perform a content, make sure you know how make good reflective essay. Thus, be ready to write a paper where focusing on your experience or a particular episode. Mostly, when preparing an essay about a definite situation, focus on outcomes and influence on the writer’s attitude and behavior.

Format and Outline of Reflective Essay

When preparing an essay, following proper format and outline is crucial. Therefore, be ready to come up with a proper plan when starting writing an essay. The best way of how start reflective paper is to provide a good outline. In fact, an outline is an essential part of every essay since it can be used as an advanced writing plan. Make sure to prepare a proper outline to organize and structure an essay properly. Experienced writers recommend writing a detailed outline where including important paper elements.

Once you have essay requirements and instructions, you always get an assigned formatting style. You must follow formatting style requirements to submit a flawless essay. Moreover, every formatting style has its requests for a reference list, number of pages, font and size of the text, etc. Thus, be sure to check these requirements before starting to write a reflective paper. Formatting also includes proper structuring of an essay, thus you must provide all the requested paper’s elements. A reflective essay requires an introduction, the main body paragraphs, and a conclusion, Moreover, an outline must be provided in an essay.

What Is a Good Topic: 25 Best Ideas for Your Paper

Students can find a bunch of great reflective essay topics once selecting a topic for own papers. Moreover, you can check and use the following top topics for a reflective paper divided into subcategories to use in your paper.

Personal Experience

  1. First time speaking in public
  2. Moving to another country
  3. The first job experience
  4. Trying to cook for the first time
  5. Trying to drive a car
  6. Being drunk for the first time
  7. Personal weaknesses and strengths
  8. The greatest achievement
  9. The worst decisions made
  10. The teamwork experience


  1. First day at school
  2. A scholarship essay
  3. Bullying story
  4. Becoming the best student
  5. Getting a scholarship

Hobbies and Activity

  1. Scary story from a life
  2. First time meeting a star
  3. The first concert in a life
  4. First time at a dance club
  5. The greatest road trip

Family and Friends

  1. Being an only child
  2. Being an adopted child
  3. First relationships
  4. Best friend lies to you
  5. A stormy and sleepless night

Important Points Before You Start Writing

A reflection essay structure remains a standard essay’s structure. Thus, when preparing an essay, make sure to provide a strong introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can add more than standard five paragraphs to reveal personal ideas and feelings.

When writing your paper, make sure to follow the next recommendations:

  • check the essay’s topic in advance to know what to write about;
  • identify a certain event or incident to disclose in your paper;
  • make sure to explain an event in details to provide a clear picture;
  • provide a proper essay’s plan to reveal your story fully;
  • write about the effect of an analyzed event on your life and worldview;
  • end an essay with a positive note to outline the importance of your experience.

How to Write a Reflective Essay?

When writing a reflective essay, numerous writers use the following structure’s example to assure a proper essay’s structure:

  • an attention-grabbing and intriguing introduction;
  • the body paragraphs with a detailed description of experience;
  • a conclusion with the final message for a reader.

In addition, you must follow a formatting style requirements and paper’s guidelines to submit an original and flawless final essay. Be aware that one of the most important elements of a reflective essay in the aftermath of the experience.

Secrets of a Successful Essay

  • you should use the first person to reveal your ideas when completing a reflective task;
  • disclose your topic in the first five to ten sentences in your introduction part;
  • write a thesis statement in an introduction of your reflective essay;
  • the body paragraphs must support a thesis statement with the evidence.

So, a reflective essay is a professionally organized and structured paper that reveals the writer’s personal experience. The writer should reflect on some events and situations from life and evaluates their importance when completing a paper. This type of essay allows sharing your personal experience and describing your personal way of development. Checking numerous events and the way they have changed your life is the best way to write a reflective essay. It is important to provide a clear point of view and personal reflection on your life-related situations. Be aware when you reflect your thoughts and ideas, it is important to use proper words and assure a great writing style.

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