40 Fresh Persuasive Topic Ideas You May Use for Your Essay

August 5, 2021

Before we go on enumeration of interesting topics for your persuasive paper, there is a necessity to comprehend what a persuasive essay means. There are a few main types of essays, and a persuasive indicates that you have to prove the reasonability of your idea. A persuasive paper is similar to a persuasive speech. You need to convince readers to accept a specific viewpoint. When you listen to influential people, it is understandable that they prepare for their speeches in advance by writing an essay outline.

Writing Tips for your Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays are also regarded as argumentative essays. This type of essay is extremely important among other academic writings. You need to learn to write persuasive papers because this skill will assist you in the future, not one time. Below are several writing tips on how to compose your persuasive paper.

  • Persuasive papers are not your writing. You aim to expose your arguments and utilize facts to confirm them.
  • Select a topic for your persuasive paper with responsibility. If your educator simply gives you general instructions, but the selection topic is your choice, it would be great. You need to highlight enough time to come up with an interesting theme. Use brainstorming, or ask for advice from relatives or friends. Also, our list of interesting persuasive essay topics will be helpful for you.
  • If you are going to give a persuasive speech, your topic should be interesting both for you and your audience.
  • It is important that your persuasive paper is based on logic and reason. Still, it also can be a good idea to appeal to the emotions of your audience. That’s why you need to emphasize the emotional appeal of your essay.

Ways of Selecting a Suitable Persuasive Paper Theme

We have already mentioned that it is important to choose the topic for your essay without hurry. It is better to note several topics that you are interested in the most and select the most suitable for you. You can take examples from the internet, but there is a risk that your topic won’t be unique. Again, you can use brainstorm, but what if your deadline is near and you do not have enough time to think. That’s why on StudyEssay we have a solution for you. You can familiarize yourself with the enumeration of interesting topics for your persuasive paper. Just pick up the most suitable for you, edit if needed, and get started to write a perfect persuasive essay.

Interesting Persuasive Paper Topics to Write On

  1. Legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes: is it a good idea?
  2. Is truth an individual or a universal category?
  3. Problems and questions that had a great influence on the Instagram community.
  4. Are Indian gurus regarded as a cult or a possibility for awakening?
  5. Advertisements of alcoholic beverages on TV: is there a need to ban them?
  6. Prove and refute that smoking kills.
  7. School children should wear uniforms. Should teachers wear uniforms too?
  8. Define the most major source of happiness.
  9. Prove and refute that rich people live their lives happier.
  10. Define at what age does sexual orientation determine?

Simple Topic Ideas

  1. Define the influence of a healthy diet on a person’s immune system.
  2. Permission to breastfeed the babies for women in public places: is there a necessity to implement this permission?
  3. The role of government in regulating gambling and sports betting.
  4. Define the influence of poverty on the education of children.
  5. Permission to drive cars for 16 years old teenagers: is it a good idea?
  6. Permission to include plagiarism in academic writing: what do you think about this?
  7. Prove and refute that standardized tests reflect the knowledge of learners.
  8. What example will parents show to their children if they begin to smoke marijuana in front of them?
  9. What example will parents show to their children if they begin to consume alcohol in front of them?
  10. What changes will bring for professional athletes by making drug tests obligatory?

Persuasive Paper Themes to Make it Funny

  1. Explain why kids are afraid of clowns.
  2. Reasons for banning mathematics from schools.
  3. Reasons for banning pop music on TV and radio stations.
  4. Prove and refute that Barbie dolls prevent the intellectual development of girls.
  5. Prove and refute that video games can make you more intelligent.
  6. Prove and refute that dating an athlete can destroy the life of a woman.
  7. Imagine that Darwin did not present the theory of evolution. What belief system would be nowadays?
  8. Ways of achieving the greatest results with minimal effort at school.
  9. Prove and refute that there are more chances for stupid people to become rich.
  10. What impact does TV show obsession have on people?

10 Ideas for Controversial Persuasive Essay

  1. Is it a good idea to allow learners to bring their pets to study?
  2. Prove and refute that “Gossip Girl” destroyed a complete generation.
  3. Prove and refute that education is not linked to success.
  4. Prove and refute that professional athletes are less smart than the common man.
  5. Do you agree that war is required for the development of human society?
  6. Prove and refute that the educational system undermines children’s creative skills.
  7. Reasons for men need to stop shaving and women from stopping coloring hair.
  8. Reasons for banning religious groups in schools.
  9. Prove and refute that academic writing is pointless.
  10. Prove and refute that Alaska does not pertain and has never pertained to the USA.

Let’s Make a Summing-up

We can conclude that writing your persuasive essay can be not so complicated if you have a suitable topic. At StudyEssay.org we have proposed a list of interesting topics for your consideration. Still, if you cannot write a persuasive paper, you can rely on us for one reason or another. Our team of expert writers is ready to meet every “do my essay for me” request. You can be sure to get a high-quality persuasive essay so that your educator will surely give you the highest grade.

 Thomas Johnson

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