The Role Of Having Structured Paragraphs In An Essay

September 26, 2021

What makes an essay great is a combination of factors such as the source material you use, the preliminary preparation for writing the essay, and the transformation of thoughts and arguments into text. Mandatory checking of the last version of the essay also plays a big role. Your essay may be great, but checking it for mistakes should definitely have its place at the end.

One of the main features of an essay is the fact that it has a clear structure. The structure of the essay is the paragraphs into which it is customary to divide it. Are they all important? Definitely yes! But one of the hardest is definitely the first paragraph. I think everyone will agree that taking the first step is always difficult. And written works are no exception.

What Paragraphs is the Essay Divided Into?

Before proceeding with a more detailed study of the importance of the first paragraph, let us remember what parts it is customary to divide an essay into in order to achieve a consistent expression of thought and structured text. 

An essay as a written work consists of:

  1. The Introduction. In this part, we must write about what will be said in the following text and describe the main details, preparing the reader and introducing him to the problem. It is also important to form and describe the main theses and key statements. Also, if your essay will include some scientific facts or opinions of other people with evidence, this should also be mentioned in the introduction. As for the author’s point of view, it can and even should be included in this paragraph, since in essence, the essay is the author’s vision of the problem. But we will have to describe the full reasoning in the next part of the essay.
  2. The body paragraphs. This is the largest part of the essay in which the main research should be shown. Here you provide the reader with arguments and support them with existing facts, indicating links to scientific works if they are included. In these paragraphs, the author can be free to express his own opinion and talk about his own research because all the essence of the essay is based on this.
  3. The Conclusion. Includes the result of your research work, arguments, and recent conclusions drawn about the entire work. It may also include recommendations for the reader on how to use the information provided by the author above. It is extremely useful to indicate where exactly the reader can use the knowledge gained in the process of reading. As an option: you can provide visual material: a table, illustration, or drawing.

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The Importance of the Introductory Paragraph

If you pay attention to the work of other authors, you will notice that they are all trying to create an intriguing first paragraph. Because as we wrote above, the future impression of the reader from all our work depends exactly on it. has often assisted students in writing essays, and when receiving an order, we can hear that writing the first sentences has become the main problem they faced. No matter how much knowledge you have, giving it the right shape from the very beginning is not an easy task. Therefore, you can always come to us to get professional essay writing help at!

Starting to read a book or article, we often notice that after reading the first few paragraphs, we already have an idea of ​​our subsequent emotions and whether this book will grab our attention. Whether you stay here or close this literature largely depends on the content of the first paragraphs. They are what give us emotions, arouses interest, and make us stay with a book or, in our case, an essay. So yes, ask us if the first paragraph is important, and we will answer you with a definite yes!

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph and What to Include in it?

As we said earlier, before writing an essay, we must familiarize ourselves with the literature on our topic and existing research. After an opinion is formed and we already have an idea of ​​what we will write about, we draw up a plan for a future essay consisting of points. After the completion of this stage, the most interesting and responsible part begins: we create the first sentences of our written work. 

The main secret is to formulate it and clearly understand the main idea of ​​the entire essay. Knowing it, you can use different techniques to establish contact with the reader; for example, intrigue him with a question on the topic and promise him answers in the following text. But at the same time, you should still write in this paragraph a light hint for the reader about the answers that he will find for himself below.

Be sure to show the reader that the topic that you cover with the essay is important, and you not only came up with it and are trying to give it meaning, but also tell that many people are just as concerned about this question and want answers. The most important thing that we must remember: an essay is a type of work in which the author expresses his own opinion and view of the situation. Therefore, simply retelling and citing only the facts in the first paragraph is unacceptable. Making the work unique by expressing the individuality of the author is the key to a great essay!

The Role of All Other Paragraphs in The Essay

After writing a strong introduction, you will agree with us that the next step is to write most of the essay. And it is worth giving importance to each stage. For example, it is quite easy to lose the attention and interest of the reader after the first paragraph if the middle of the text does not have enough information and arguments to support it. Likewise, if you forget about the importance of the last part of the essay, you will leave the reader feeling incomplete. To avoid this, you must have a clear vision of what results you should sum up at the end. We have something to share with you about how to write a conclusion for an essay and how important it is. We are always happy to help you find out more! 

In fact, each paragraph has its own characteristics of its writing. And having a good experience, it is not difficult for us to write a high-quality essay for those who need help!

When You Need Help of Professional Writers to Create Your Essay

We know that time is a very important resource for students. And when you have a lot of tasks related to study, personal life, and sometimes in combination with work, writing an essay becomes a real problem. If you want to save time, has no experience in writing essays, and is stressed by just the thought of starting work on, StudyEssay’s writers will take responsibility for writing your ideal paperwork. Compare the fact that for a student who does not write an essay every day, the process of creating it will take a few days. For our experienced writers, this process will be completed several times faster, and the result will pleasantly surprise our customers!

It is very important to know that there is always a way to solve your own problems with the help of professionals and be confident in the result. If you don’t feel like writing the work yourself, we are here to do it for you!

How to Create a Proper Essay

You will definitely have a great essay if you have already written it repeatedly and have experience, or you can devote hours to reading existing essays, take an example from them and draw conclusions about the plan for writing it. Take the time to study your topic, form your own opinion, write a plan, gather arguments, and get started!

Remember that the first thing you write will not be the final result. After you finish the last paragraph, you should review your essay. It is best to start this the day after writing the work in order to have a fresh look at the text. Read the text once, make sure that the thoughts are presented easily, even if the essay has complex arguments. But also do not forget that will do all this efficiently for you. Having great experience and height qualifications, we will help you complete your task, and all the points listed above will remain the only theory for you!

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