All You Need to Know about Writing a Dissertation Proposal

October 15, 2020

Dissertation sounds very difficult for every new author, but have you ever written dissertation proposals? This part in your paper is not so big and has no weak sides for the first sight. No matter its size, a lot of students ask for help, when they need to write a dissertation proposal. If an author puts enough efforts, he can use it like a plan or draft and make the process of writing the main chapter easier. But if he ignores writing a dissertation proposal, then he will ruin his dissertations with own hands.

But at we won’t let you ruin everything! Today, we have prepared for you a small guide that will help you deal with such a difficult task as writing a dissertation proposal. Follow our uk writers and they will bring you high marks!

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What is a Dissertation Proposal?

All experts in academic papers are sure, that dissertation proposal is an essential step in writing your research results and findings. Someone thinks this paper is hard and useless, but in real life it allows writer making the beginning and introduction of your dissertation the possible task, but not the impossible mission. Thanks to the dissertation proposal you will be able to plan the writing process and make it clear for yourself. Be sure such paper allows comparing your tasks to the topic and finding out a constructive alternative for weak paragraphs.

The common mistake in writing dissertation is bad timing and lack of making priorities. When you play for time and delay making a plan, you decrease own chances for great paper in result. That’s why proposal for dissertation is useful step to avoid bad writing conditions. But notice, that you must check out requirements to academic papers in your university before starting. In addition, you may definitely have your supervisor, whose task is to help you execute all tasks for dissertation. But unfortunately, he doesn’t guarantee you the high quality of your paper. The more reliable way is to take the wheel and find another way to make a brilliant dissertation proposal. This document will be a common denominator and increase chances for success in writing.

Dissertation proposal consists of traditional parts, such as introduction, main part, conclusion, etc. There may be differences depending on accepted rules, but professional authors try to use such a structure. As a result it is easier to keep dissertation proposal format and write the final dissertation draft.

You can ask our professional dissertation writers for help or at least read the full how-to. Be sure, you will become more successful author, if your dissertation proposal is done on the highest level.

How to Write a Good Dissertation Proposal?

When you start your dissertation proposal, you need to dive deeply into the topic and get more information about your problem. But the first step is to determine the exact topic. Sometimes students ignore this step and consider that approximate title will be enough. But on a practice the meaning of the topic may change while you are writing the body. To avoid situation when your topic and main chapter are different from each other, it is highly recommended to select a topic in the beginning. And remember, that the best option is the topic, you are keen on and interested in.

But good topic should also be available to support with reliable sources. If there is no good books, journals, articles, etc, then author will lose a great part of evidence in his research. Be sure, that it is much easy to write your dissertation proposal based on reputable information, than only with personal thoughts. The main thing for an author is to mark in dissertation proposal all borrowed notes with sources for the future reference list.

Notice, every education establishment may have own requirements for reference list formatting, so you need to use additional guides. In general, writer must notice the following information about primary and secondary materials:

  • the title of the book or journal, where the idea was mentioned or the article was published;
  • author name and editor name (if the book was edited);
  • chapter title;
  • page or link (for electronic resources);
  • publisher.

But be attentive and always use department handbook to avoid mistakes even by mistake. This is a key to be success in academic writing.

So on the first stages of writing dissertation proposal your main goals are title, reference list, and other essential requirements. The next step in writing is narrowing your focus on thesis and choosing exact sources for the reference list. When you go further in writing a dissertation proposal, you will see more sides of your project. Pay attention to questions, on which your paper should give answers. This is a huge mistake, when the paper seems useless and doesn’t describe things it should describe.

Don’t forget to compare your thesis and goals with final results. Are they connected or not? Sometimes writer understands, that he made another huge mistake: his investigation has gone wrong. In such case you will be disappointed and happy at the same time. You will be glad, that such a mistake comes out on the dissertation proposal stage, but not on the final draft of the dissertation.

Additional advice: don’t lose your critical thinking! It is quite important to see oneself mistakes and solve problems till it’s not too late. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t worry too much, if you are not sure in your hypothesis or other statements. Thanks to the dissertation proposal you will have all chances to improve your ideas if it is needed or make sure in own correctness.

Dissertation Proposal Template and Structure

The structure of dissertation proposal is not strict, but writers should use the generally accepted sample. In such a way they will make this paper quicker and will be able to correct mistakes easier. So start planning the structure of this paper right after picking up the topic.

Here are the main sections of the average dissertation proposal:

  1. introduction. The writer’s task in this part is to introduce his topic and announce future research. The main aim is to provoke interest in the target audience and keep going describing the value of your future dissertation. Don’t forget to place your thesis and hypothesis in this chapter;
  2. main body. Yes, every dissertation proposal has its main chapter, which will be extended in the final paper. There are several elements you need to add:
    • methodology. This is a list of methods, which suits your research. It includes approaches to collect, sort, and organize data about your problem. Besides mentioning the exact methods, the author also should describe its meaning;
    • aims and objectives. This part must contain the description of issues and problems you are going to describe. Besides, don’t forget to make predictions and write your thesis statements;
    • resources overview. With the review of primary and secondary materials the author is able to explain the importance of his research. Besides, such ‘heavy metal’ arguments are always meaningful for professors and experts in any field;
  3. conclusion. The final thoughts are important to demonstrate, that author did a great job and is absolutely keen on the chosen topic. This part will be a summary of all your thoughts and demonstrate the reason to continue working on this topic for the future.

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Professional Help in Writing a Dissertation Proposal

When you write a dissertation proposal, you really need to use the mentioned above rules. Only this way you can create the best paper and get a minimal constructive judgment from your supervisor.

Experienced author also uses samples and examples to make the most proper proposal for dissertation. Such an approach guarantees you will never miss any important part of this paper. But if you need more powerful help, then ask professional author to write your dissertation proposal sample for you. It is an easy and guaranteed way to be successful in your writing!

So if you are looking for the best dissertation writing help, you need to use good samples or hire a professional writer. Both options are great and allow you having the best mark!

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